December 16, 2014

Welcome to Tu-Bees Foods! Home of the gourmet honey in a tube. We are a family-owned company based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan founded in July of 2007.

Our Saskatchewan based company was founded by an eleven and twelve-year-old, which makes our company special aside from our unique packaging, which earned our company its name.

Our honeys come in BPA Free & phthalate-free laminate tubes, which allow you to enjoy a sweet treat or spread without the mess, or hassle of crystallization. Our products come in 140g tubes & 60g jars.

We are further progressing with great excitement and determination towards our company goal – making Tu-Bees a household name around the world; making everyone’s life a little sweeter, one squeeze at a time.

Have you squeezed your honey today? :)

Feel free to follow us on Twitter! @TuBees_Honey

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  • The Flu bug has struck Tu-Bees Central. The Mom Behind the Scenes is down for the count. All shipments will go out on Monday. Sorry folks!3 days ago