info@tu-bees.comTu-Bees Or Not Tu-Bees, There Is No Question!

Tu-Bees Foods is a family-owned company based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan which was founded in July of 2007.

Our Saskatchewan based company was founded by an eleven and twelve-year-old, which makes our company special aside from our unique packaging, which earned our company its name.

Our honeys come in phthalate-free laminate tubes, which allow you to enjoy a sweet treat or spread without the mess, or hassle of crystallization. Our products come in 140g tubes, 60g jars, and 250g jars.

We are further progressing with great excitement and determination towards our company goal – making Tu-Bees a household name around the world; making everyone’s life a little sweeter, one squeeze at a time. Have you squeezed your honey today? 

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