Meet The Tu-Bees Team

Meet the team who are the heart of Tu-Bees Gourmet Honey.

Be sure to read their stories below to learn what makes this team so great while bringing you a sweet product!

Mom Behind The Scenes: Gaye Sheppard

Gaye Sheppard, also known as the Mom Behind The Scenes at Tu-Bees, is the Director of the company and the backbone of the business. When she is not working her full time job, she spends most of her time helping Nicole and Jessica to ensure that things run smoothly. She is the marketing coordinator, as well as the friendly face behind the posts featured on the company’s Facebook Page (Tu-Bees Foods Inc.) or Twitter Account (Tu-Bees_Honey).

The Mom Behind the Scenes is a person full of life and laughter. Having passion for her daughters as well as their business has enabled her to be the perfect candidate to market the sweet product of Tu-Bees Gourmet Honey. After all, mothers really do know best.

Tubees Teams
One thing Gaye truly enjoys is engaging with customers through her quick wit and humour. Coming naturally to her, she finds it to be an enjoyable experience when she can make someone’s day just that much sweeter by spreading the knowledge about Tu-Bees. When she isn’t promoting Tu-Bees products via the company’s social networks; you can find her interacting with customers of all ages at sampling sessions and trade-shows.
She has a sincere passion for the company; knowing that in order to market a product, you need to be able to know who your customers are, as well as be able to relate to them; which is exactly what Gaye does.

When it comes to her being The Mom Behind the Scenes for Tu-Bees’ Facebook and Twitter, she loves to engage with the customer base and see what has been posted to the page.

She reciprocates excitement to those participating in the contests and draws, and expresses her creative nature through making unique and fun posts. Gaye ensures that Tu-Bees is not simply just a honey company, but also a community that is sweet to be a part of.

Gaye & Eva
Jessica Hein

Co-Owner: Jessica Hein

Jessica is the co-owner of Tu-Bees Foods Inc. and one of the two sisters behind the business. What initially started out as being her sister’s free work force, has now evolved into the part ownership of the company, along with the responsibility that goes with such a title.

Jessica, also known as the Worker Bee, plays an integral role when it comes to the quality control, conducting the labeling of product and order processing at Tu-Bees.

Once an order is received from our packer, Jessica makes sure that everything is perfect before it is shipped out the door to our customers. There is a lot of work that goes into preparing a quality product for our customers and attention to detail is crucial. Presentation is just as important as what’s inside!

A lot of the behind the scenes work has been preformed by Jessica in the past; however, in Nicole’s absence, Jessica has stepped out of the shadows and into the limelight by being the key speaker for Tu-Bees; a role she truly enjoys. She was excited to have her first interview in March 2014 at the age of 17, and needless to say, she was a natural.

Jessica Loves Coffee
Gaye & Jessica

Along with attending University, Jessica assists with working at trade shows and enjoys interacting with customers and retailers alike.

Like her Mom, she enjoys being personable with those that she encounters while marketing Tu-Bees products, and has developed a great relationship with some of the retailers and distributors.

Founder Of The Company: Nicole Hein

Nicole Hein, is the founder and owner of Tu-Bees Foods Inc. She came up with the idea of Tu-Bees when she was eleven years old, and proceeded to establish the company in 2007 at the age of twelve.

The idea for Tu-Bees randomly came to Nicole when she was trying to figure out how she was going to make enough money to buy herself a horse. Nicole noticed her mom was making peanut butter and honey sandwiches and was struggling to get the honey out of the squeeze bottle.  Without giving it a second thought, Nicole asked her mom “How come no one has put honey into tubes like toothpaste tubes, so you could just squish it out?” It is with that one question that Tu-Bees was formed. With her mother’s drive and support, and her younger sister’s help, the business took a flying start, and has been buzzing right along ever since.

Nicole Hein
Nikki & Diesel

As you may wonder, yes Nicole did get her horse in the end, as well as many others, which she has owned and trained for other individuals.

She still has her strong love for horses, which she has expressed through working as an exercise rider previously at Marquis Downs in Saskatoon, and Northlands in Edmonton, Alberta.

Although Nicole lives out of province, she frequently returns home to Saskatchewan to assist with the business.

Most of Nicole’s time is spent working on her University studies; however, when possible, the Queen Bee returns to Tu-Bees Central to assist with wrapping of tubes, filing orders or packing pallets. Nicole also participates in trade shows and events, and enjoys promoting the product along side her Mom and sister ~ it’s always a bonding experience.

The young owner of the company has also had her share of moments in the spotlight, having had interviews with CTV Morning Live, Radio One, CTV’s FarmGate, and a variety of newspaper publishers.


Chief Of Security: Otis

Otis A. Redding (Named after late musician Otis Redding), is the Chief of security for Tu-Bees Foods Inc. He joined the company’s work force on July 28th, 2008 as an almost two month-old puppy and security trainee.

For the first few months at Tu-Bees Headquarters, his role of choice was protecting the Tu-Bees employees from strange fuzzy, neon-yellow spheres (Tennis balls) and any potential intruders.

Weighing in at only 20lbs, this little Schnese (Schnauzer/Havanese) is very efficient with his job. He does hourly patrols of the business headquarters, and is always on guard for when another dog or troublesome bird passes by or through the yard.

He works with supervision as well, monitoring the business owners while they go amongst their daily tasks. As far as business safety is concerned, we at Tu-Bees Foods Inc. would say that safety at Tu-Bees Central is in good paws.

Otis Sleeping
Otis Playing Soccer

When Otis is not on security duty at the business headquarters, he enjoys going for long walks around the city, chasing pesky crows, playing fetch, and playing soccer.

As a very hard working dog, he also enjoys a little bit of rest and relaxation, mainly through naps on his perch and receiving belly rubs, beef jerky treats, peanut butter sandwiches, and foot (paw) massages.

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